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Download BMW ICOM software ISTA/D (ISID 2.28) ISTA/P (ISSS 2.43)
Several weeks ago, website promotes a new product named BMW ICOM ISIS ISID ABC, which is a replacement of DIS GT1/SSS/OPS/OPPS.


However, website make a note reading BMW ICOM ISIS ISID ABC doesn’t contain software, advice any user who bought BMW ICOM buy BMW ICOM software from BMW Company… what do you think? I agree most users will be hesitated to buy BMW ICOM, because it contains no software.

Today, website begins to sell BMW ICOM software named "BMW ICOM Software ISTA/D(ISID 2.28) ISTA/P(ISSS 2.43)"


You can't even wait to check what BMW ICOM ISTA/D(ISID 2.28) ISTA/P(ISSS 2.43) can do? Let’s have a check at the first glance.

ISTA/D(ISID 2.28) ISTA/P(ISSS 2.43) Features:
Works together with BMW ICOM ISIS ISID A+B+C, can’t works alone.
Supports windows XP, windows 7, 64 bit, advice you use windows 7, 64 bit
available with ISTA/D and ISTA/P
Offline diagnose and coding
ISTA/D version: ISID2.28
ISTA/P version: ISSS 2.43(offline coding)
run in VWMARE(Virtual Machine).
Available with Language: English
do not support online update.

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