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October 11 2011 3 11 /10 /October /2011 03:01

DAS XENTRY 7-2011 Installation Guide:
1: Install fresh WinXp SP3 and all drivers

2: Partion Ur HDD. Make sure C:Star D:Recover E:Wis F:DAS.

3: Make new user STAR.

4: Install JC softs and SDI as well + regedit for C4 + stop screen saver + edit power managment.

4: Delete C3 from regedit (H_K_Local_Machine ==> Softwares ==> StarDiagnosis).

5: Install IE 8

6: Install Netframe 3.5 Sp1

7: Copy Commonlic to system32 (Make read Only).

8: Copy Commonlic to:
C:\WINDOWS\Temp\{17B8B381-50E5-470D-A6B3-C494240AF33C}\{22A937EF-8C64-11D7-A9EE-00D009D07BEF} (It will look like this name But every restart, the name may change.

9: Copy Commonlic to C:\Documents and Settings\STAR\Local
(It will look like this name But every restart, the name may change).

Note: when installation Just starts, C:\WINDOWS\Temp\… folder will be created thus u make the replace. After 1st restart, C:\Documents and Settings\STAR\Local Settings\Temp\… will be created, so u make the replace right there. ( I added this note because one guy complained that he doesnt have these folders)

Note: Make shortcuts for the two folders mentioned (C:\WINDOWS\Temp & C:\Documents and Settings\STAR\Local Settings\Temp)
because everytime the PC will start u have to replace and b4 setup starts.

10: Replace Commonlic in Star utilities. Apply Keys and Move on.

11: Setup will go smooth and suddenly ull get error Code 5011: 0×80040707
Setup will terminate

12: Apply JC unrestrict FIX to see all Drives because they will be hidden.

13: Copy SDflash from SD_DVD to F:\Programme\DAS

14: Goto F:\Programme\DAS\SDflash\Release\PKW and extract #FDOK
15: Goto F:\Programme\DAS\SDflash\Release\SMART and Extract #FDOK
16: Goto F:\Programme\DAS\SDflash\Release\Transp and Extarct #FDOK

17: Copy and Paste folder C:\USERDATA into F Drive. (Great members warned me about this point since I 4got to mention it when I just wrote this guide ).

18: Place DAS SIM and DAS Shortcuts on desktop:
DAS shortcut target as: F:\Programme\DAS\bin\DAS32R2.exe -len
And for DAS SIM Target as: F:\Programme\DAS\bin\simdas.exe -*CALsimu -*ctxtsim.sli -*nolog -*len

19: If u want to RUN DAS Without Xentry so place the DAS32R2.exe Fix in DAS BIN and make shortcut.
20: Goto Drive Letter:\stardiag\Xentry_Frame and Start installing Xentry.

21: After Xentry Finish Installation, goto: Drive Letter:\stardiag\AddOn_Frame and start installing Addons.

22: B4 u restart, goto Run and type control userpasswords2 then reset STAR Password and Make windows Autologin in to STAR.

23: After restart, Apply Xentry Error Fix 3-2011 or 5-2011 ( All are working).

24: If ur using sdconnect then open cal.ini and change PLATFORM=PART_W (it was T B4).

25: Internet in ur pc will not work (sp browsing sites) to solve this goto: C:\Programme\SDnetControl and rename networkfilter
next restart it will not load the networkfilter. U can stop networkfilter by: Ctrl + Alt + Dlt ==> proccess and stop it.

26:If ur using sdconnect, during diagnosis, pop message will appear about firmware update. You can disable the update message for Sdconnect by renaming Automatic update folder in: C:\Program Files\SDconnect Toolkit
Inmycase I renamed update spiceal and manual as well.

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